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Dr. Pallavi Kwatra is an anesthesiologist by profession, a poetess and a devotee at heart. There are many hues and shades to her who she is in the process of revelation as her life journey takes her through various gurus, spiritual teachings, and the paraphernalia of life and its dense matrix. She is an open channel and wishes to receive grace from whichever source that is spilled on her. Her spiritual journey is her seeking and also its own reward as she strives to live in the divine grace and the umbrella of love and devotion. Through poetry and her writings, she places her offerings at her sacred altar within and is enthusiastic to share her own revelations of life and participate in a shared spiritual upliftment through dialogues, interactions, and silence. She believes most in the subtle strength of love and her poems spin around her own wanderlust wanderings in this majestic existence. As a rendering of her deep love for Bhagwan, she created this forum where she aspires, in all humility to bring together various renditions about Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi. Through the written word, videos, audios, and various devotees contributions, this website is a meager offering of pure love at her guru’s lotus feet. She wishes all love and light.

She can be reached out and all submissions for this website can be sent to her on her email at or her facebook page.

Her website has a collection of all her books for free download and sales, her digital images collections and a rich blog of over 600 blog posts.

Another website she has crafted is

playofpixels is a collection of over 3000 digital images, videos, and writings. this collection has messages of all kinds… of satire, beauty, humor, honesty, love, compassion and intellect. The watching of this content slowly and in awareness heals the heart and stirs the mind with ripples of awe and questioning life deeper. Dr. Pallavi’s own heart underwent great transformation and her inner being evolved with the messages enclosed herein and thus, she creates a collection to share these blessings with the world. these images have been used in her book, musings of the awakening soul and many of her stationery designs. here is a video on the website.

Here are her 5 books as offerings to the beautiful world she is blessed to be a part of.

BE LOVE (A collection of spiritual erotic poetry)


Facebook page of Dr. Pallavi’s poetries

A video poem book link 



( A collection of what’s app conversations among 12 medico friends discussing science, spirituality and life, dedicated to Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi)


A video teaser of the book

Facebook page of 9 months: an involution to evolution

Amazon link for book



(A pictorial anthology of 108 poems describing various phases of a spiritual seeker’s journey: available in both black and white and colored formats)

Links: Link Link

A video introduction



(Sajda is a collection of 108 images and couplets that interweave in spirit and relay the various ways that a seeker perceives the guru. In a compilation of word and forms, Sajda is an offering of love and pure devotion.)

Amazon book link

Youtube book video teaser




Through the medium of images and couplet poetries, Dr Pallavi Kwatra adorns on herself an insignia of
love…For her, there is no other god and nothing to stand for in life other than love…As the brand
ambassador of this love, she has sewn up these shreds of inane words and imagery to cast the spell of
love on all those who read this compilation.

NIYAAZ essentially means an offering. Her whole being has been laid at the altar of love where she
stands consumed.

Niyaaz book link